Year 8

Entrance Criteria - September 2024

admissions criteria for entry into year 8 in september 2024.pdf

Academic Selection - SEAG Entrance Assessment

For September 2025 Year 8 Admissions, Antrim Grammar School will consider applications from pupils who have taken the SEAG Entrance Assessments anywhere in Northern Ireland.

Antrim Grammar School will host the SEAG Entrance Assessment and can be chosen as the Assessment Centre during the application process.

SEAG Key Dates and Information

The 2024/2025 Entrance Assessment will take place on the following dates:

Assessment 1 – Saturday 16th November 2024 (AM)

Assessment 2 – Saturday 23rd November 2024 (AM)

The application process will be online and will be accessible via the SEAG website. The application process will open at 8am on Monday 20th May 2024  and close at 11.59pm on Friday 20th September 2024.

Application Process

The online application process will guide you through each step. These are outlined below:

  • Step 1: Initial Parent Registration
  • Step 2: Key in basic information about your child (e.g., full name, date of birth, address, primary school attended) and then choose the Assessment Centre where you would like your child to sit the Entrance Assessment
  • Step 3: Upload necessary documentation such as birth certificate and a passport size photograph
  • Step 4: If you wish to request Access Arrangements complete this step and upload supporting documentation
  • Step 5: Make a payment of the £20 administration fee OR provide evidence to verify that your child has a free school meals entitlement (FSME) and that the fee is not required
  • Step 6: Submit the completed Pupil Application

You will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided.


Results will issued on Saturday 25th January 2025. These can be accessed via the SEAG website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.


Starting a new school is a very exciting time for pupils and at Antrim Grammar School we aim to provide a supportive and informative Induction Programme as we welcome you into the school community. This includes an Induction afternoon in June when parents and pupils are invited into school and pupils are given the opportunity to meet the other members of their class, as well as their Class Tutors and Year Tutors, encouraging friendships and relationships to grow.

We also have an Induction Event in the Autumn term. For parents, this consists of an information session detailing the school's strong emphasis on academic achievement, assessment and reporting and extra-curricular activities. Pupils will be with their classes taking part in some teambuilding activities and getting a tour of the school.

Throughout these induction activities, pupils are nurtured and supported by the experienced and committed pastoral team. Miss Dark and Dr Finlay, the Year Tutors for Year 8, work hard to ensure that pupils needs are met and that any worries are addressed. 


This year all Year 8 pupils are challenged to ‘Be Awesome, Go Big’. There will be so many opportunities for all pupils to be awesome and to go big throughout the school year. In preparation for September, this area of the website is designed to motivate, help and support pupils and parents so that you feel equipped for the journey ahead. 

Are you getting ready to Go Big?

In preparation for September we would like you to: 

  • Read the 'Go Big' book which was given to you during your Induction Interview
  • Complete the ‘Getting Ready to Go Big’ workbook before you start in September
  • Complete as many of the activities on the ‘Getting Ready to Go Big’ activity sheet as you can
  • Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge and start reading books from our Reading List
  • Read our 5 Steps to Transition to help with your mental health and wellbeing and think about each of these as you make the change to secondary school
  • Purchase all items on the Equipment List so you are prepared for class

 Parent Information

We challenge all pupils coming to Antrim Grammar School in Year 8 to ‘Go Big’. Each pupil received their own copy of the ‘Go Big’ book during their Induction Interview and we would encourage time to be dedicated to carefully reading and considering the contents of this book before the start of the new term. Your role in encouraging this is very important and the following guidance will help you to discuss aspects of the book with your child. You may even wish to read the book yourself! Click the following links to access the guidance:

Finally, this EA document provides information on how you can support your child with the Key Stage 3 Curriculum.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at the breakfast for parents in August.