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Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes in Antrim Grammar School?

Currently we facilitate 820 pupils and class sizes average between 20-25 pupils.

How many lessons are there in a regular school day and how long do they last?

School Registration commences for all pupils at 8.40 am every day. The school runs a two week timetable and there are five one hour lessons in a school day. The teaching day ends at 3.10 pm and any extra-curricular activity usually ends between 4.30 and 5.00 pm.

What were the recent GCSE and A level results like?

We are proud of our pupils’ achievements. Our GCSE and A Level results are excellent, placing us in ‘The Sunday Times’ Top 20 Schools in Northern Ireland for GCSE and A level examination success. 

2020 - GCSE 98% 7 or more A*-C including English and Mathematics

2020 - A level 92% 3 A*-C

What are the IT facilities like at Antrim Grammar School?

Our ICT facilities are excellent. Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard, an Apple TV, speakers and a PC. Each member of staff has an iPad. We have a shared class set of iPads which is used regularly by teachers across all departments, and all departments can avail of our 4 dedicated ICT Suites to include 3 Windows based Suites and 1 Mac Suite. In addition to these, we have dedicated ICT Facilities in Art and Design, Home Economics and Technology and Design which are used by the pupils studying those subjects. We have an interactive panel in our Conference Room which can be used by the whole school community as required. Google Classroom is used across all departments as a teaching and learning tool.

 What school transport options are available to anyone who would like to attend AGS?

Antrim's central geographical location means it is a place of easy connectivity. The school gates are just a five minute walk from both the bus and train station. Besides our local catchment area, pupils travel to Antrim Grammar School from Ballymena, Crumlin, Randalstown, Kells, Doagh, Carnmoney, Newtownabbey and Glengormley. Bus timetables can be accessed by clicking here and viewing tabs under Transport.

My child is in receipt of free school meals. Do I need to reapply when moving schools?

Yes, when your child moves schools you have to apply again. The Education Authority (EA) for Northern Ireland is responsible for assessing eligibility for Free School Meals Details of this process can be found at https://www.eani.org.uk/financial-help/free-school-meals-uniformgrants

My child has additional needs. Who should I contact to discuss this?

If you have any issues or information you would like to convey to the school relating to your child's additional needs, please contact our Learning Support Co-ordinator, Mrs Hanna, who will take time to elaborate on our support structures and bespoke care we provide in this area. Meet Mrs Hanna by watching our Pastoral Care video located on this webpage.

How does the school communicate with parents and guardians throughout the year?

Modern software and technology provides us with a good variety communication methods. We use ParentMail for general year group or whole school information and the SIMS Parent App for detailed individual pupil information such as tracking performance, reports and attendance. This app also allows Parents or Guardians to connect to the school management system and update important personal information. Besides our formal communication techniques we have an up-to-date website and extremely active social media engagement with a healthy pupil focus. Year Tutors, Senior Staff, Vice-Principals and the Principal also regularly telephone Parents and Guardians if the immediacy of a phone call is appropriate.

Can we arrange to have a visit or have a tour of the school?

Currently we do not permit any visitors to our school due to COVID19 restrictions and a strong sense of our moral duty to keep our community safe. You can, however, gain great insight into all areas of our school and all aspects of school life by thoroughly exploring this 'Getting Ready for AGS' area. In future we look forward to extending a traditional warm welcome to anyone who might want to tour our superb facilities.