Using ICT

ICT is embedded into the curriculum in Antrim Grammar School and is used by staff and pupils every day. Every classroom is equipped with a PC, an interactive whiteboard a projector and an Apple TV. Every member of teaching and support staff have an iPad which is central to teaching and learning. C2k Wireless provides us with a secure, fully filtered wireless internet solution throughout the entire campus which is used by both staff and pupils.

Pupils use Google Classroom as a homework solution and Google Drive is used by the whole school community as a Cloud based storage solution, this is in addition to storage provided by C2K.


Antrim Grammar embraces the use of ICT and is committed to educating all pupils on the importance of E Safety.

The following structures are in place to support and educate all within the school community on the issue of E safety:

  • Digital Leaders Strategy Group who form the Digital Voice
  • eSafety focused assemblies
  • eSafety content in Pupil Notes
  • Education through the curriculum

Every pupil is responsible for their own C2k username and password and must keep this secure throughout their years at school.

Acceptable Use

Multimedia and communication facilities provided by internet enabled devices can provide beneficial opportunities for pupils however their use during lessons will only be with permission from the teacher. Pupils can benefit from the use of iPads or ICT Facilities throughout the school during class in order to support teaching and learning.

Sixth Form pupils may use personal devices during school time, either during supervised study or class time with the permission of the member of staff. Pupils may only access the internet with these devices through the C2k Wireless internet. Privately managed mobile networks must be switched off as part of the acceptable use policy.

Where required for safety reasons in off-site activities, a school mobile phone is provided for contact with pupils, parents or the school. Staff will not be expected to use personal mobile phones in any situation where their mobile phone number or other personal details may be revealed to a pupil or parent.

Unauthorised or secret use of a mobile phone or other electronic device, to record voice, pictures or video is forbidden. Unauthorised publishing of such material on a web site which causes distress to the person(s) concerned will be considered a breach of school discipline, whether intentional or unintentional. The person responsible for the material will be expected to remove this immediately upon request.  

The sending or forwarding of text messages deliberately targeting a person with the intention of causing them distress, ‘cyberbullying’, will be considered a disciplinary matter.

ICT Facilities

Antrim Grammar School has over 170 computers connected to the C2k Managed Network located throughout the school. Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard, an Apple TV, audio and a PC. Each member of staff has an iPad. We have a shared class set of iPads which is used regularly by teachers across all departments, and all departments can avail of our 4 dedicated ICT Suites to include 3 Windows based Suites and 1 iMac Suite. In addition to these, we have dedicated ICT Facilities in Art and Design, Home Economics and Technology and Design which are used by the pupils studying those subjects.

Google Classroom is used across all departments as a teaching and learning tool.

Bring Your Own Device

Sixth Form students are encouraged to bring and use their own device in the Sixth Form Study Area and also in classes at the discretion of teachers and subject leaders. Mobile phones, however, are not permitted to be used during the school day apart from break and lunch time. We strongly believe a strict adherence to this principle is in the student's best interest and more likely to result in quality private study time and academic success in the long term.


Antrim Grammar School provides a fully filtered wireless solution through C2k Wireless. Pupils can use this network by connecting to the network 'C2k Wireless' and entering their C2k username and password.

Use of Mobile Phones

All pupils are required to put their mobile phone into their locker no later then 8:40am each morning until 3:10pm. Pupils are not permitted to use their mobile phones during the day unless they are in Sixth Form. Sixth Form pupils are allowed to use their mobile phone at break and lunch in designated areas. The School Mobile Phone Policy states that if a pupil has their mobile phone out during the day when they should not, it will be confiscated and the pupil's Parent/Guardian will be required to collect the phone from the School Office after 3:10pm.


Pupils have access to printing and photocopying in School. There are photocopiers for pupils to use located in C3, Technology and History. There is an additional photocopier in the Sixth Form Study area for the use of Sixth Form pupils. Pupils will receive a printer code via email and printer credits when they start in Antrim Grammar School. Once they have used the allocated credits, they will have the opportunity to purchase additional personal credits from the School Office.

Usernames and Passwords

All pupils receive a unique username and password when they start in Antrim Grammar School. This will be used inside school to access any computer, outside of school for Google Classroom, for accessing email both in and out of school and to connect to the C2k Wireless internet.

All usernames are in the format username123 - this will be the first initial and surname followed by three numbers. 

Pupils' password are private and must be secure. Passwords must be secure, hard to guess - longer than 8 characters long with a mix of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and special characters like ‘!’ and memorable - these must be used to log in at home, in school and during any lesson in the ICT Suite.


All pupils will receive an email address for use during their time in the School. An email address will be the pupils username with ‘’ at the end. This will be used this to log into Google Classroom or Google Drive outside of school. For example, a pupils' email address will be:

Google Classroom

All homework is set through Google Classroom and all pupils and parents have access. Pupils can access Google Classroom using their C2k username and password as described above.

Click here to access Google Classroom 

Parents / guardians can receive a weekly email summary of their child's homework - to receive this, ensure the school office have an email address for you.