Getting ready to go big

Our whole school community is excited as we get ready for September 2020. We are especially excited about meeting our new Year 8 pupils. Moving from primary school is exciting but we also understand that it can be daunting for pupils and parents. We want to ensure that the movement from primary school to secondary school is as smooth as possible for everyone.  

Induction Information and Term Dates

Our Induction Event will take place on Wednesday 17th June 2020 at 18.30pm via a live webinar. Click here to meet the staff involved in our Induction Event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Induction Guide will provide you with information on Antrim Grammar School including the school day, uniform and Bus Timetables. 

Click here for 2020-21 Term Dates.

Click here for the Equipment List for September 2020.

Click here to read our answers to your questions from the Induction Event.


This year all Year 8 pupils are challenged to ‘Be Awesome, Go Big’. There will be so many opportunities for all pupils to be awesome and to go big throughout the school year. In preparation for September, this area of the website is designed to motivate, help and support pupils and parents so that you feel equipped for the journey ahead. 

Are you getting ready to Go Big?

In preparation for September we would like you to: 

  • Complete the ‘Be Awesome, Go Big’ workbook before you start in September
  • Complete as many of the activities on the ‘Getting Ready to Go Big’ activity sheet. You can send pictures of you doing any of the challenges to
  • Join our Literacy Olympics and start reading books from our Reading List
  • Read Matthew Burton’s book, ‘Go Big’ which will be delivered to your house over the coming weeks
  • Read our 5 Steps to Transition to help with your mental health and wellbeing and think about each of these as you make the change to secondary school


We appreciate your support at home to make the transition from primary school to secondary school as smooth as possible for your child. We would appreciate it if you could ensure that your child completes the preparation work outlined as it will be the foundation for their ‘Character’ and ‘English’ classes. In addition, please take time to read the Parent Information section as it is designed to help you as you make the transition from primary school to secondary school alongside your child.

Parent Information

Please click below to read our guides to help you make the transition from primary school to secondary school alongside your child.:

Help your child make the change from primary school

Help your child with the transition to Antrim Grammar School

Help your child make good habits

Help your child develop a Growth Mindset

Help your child build resilience