School Costs

Antrim Grammar School endeavours to provide an enriching pupil experience. In order to do so, there are a limited number of additional costs associated with this which are outlined below. Full details in relation to School Charges are outlined in the School Charges and Remissions Policy within the Policy section of the school website.

All school charges are payable through ParentMail.

School Fund

We thank you in advance for supporting the school with your contribution. The School Fund system is vital for the school as it allows us to finance a programme of enrichment for all pupils. The importance of parental contribution to this fund makes a difference in the ability of the school to continue to offer such a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment options. The school receives funding from the Department of Education but this funding is required for other front line services. We are aware of financial constraints that many families face; however the voluntary contribution per pupil equates to around 32 pence per school day and helps us to meet the needs of all our pupils. Payment can be made via ParentMail. You will be invited to make a contribution to the school fund before the start of every new school year via ParentMail. 

The charges for 2021/22 per family are:
1 pupil £65
2 pupils £95
3 pupils £125

School Uniform

The full school uniform is available from Wallace's in Antrim. Wallace’s is open for business as normal.

The P.E. / Games Kit is available to purchase from our School Shop on our website.

Sixth Form Fee

The Antrim Grammar School Sixth Form Fee is £100 and is payable at the start of Year 13 and Year 14.  At the end of Year 14, provided all locker keys and books are returned in good condition and signed off, £30 is refundable. The Sixth Form Fee is payable on Results Day each year, prior to the start of the academic year.


Lockers are available to hire for pupils in Year 8 to 12 for an annual charge of £10. A charge of £10 will apply to all pupils for the issue of a replacement key should these be required.

Arrangements have changed for the 2021-22 academic year and locker hire charges will be as follows:

Year 8          Locker Hire for one year 2021-22: £10
                     (Year 8 pupils will be allocated a different locker from Year 9 onwards)    

Year 9          Locker Hire for 4 years to retain the same locker from Year 9 to Year 12: £40

Year 10        Locker Hire for 3 years to retain the same locker from Year 10 to Year 12: £30

Year 11         Locker Hire for 2 years to retain the same locker from Year 11 to Year 12: £20

Year 12        Locker Hire for 1 year until joining Sixth Form: £10

Year 13/14   Locker Hire will be included in the annual Sixth Form Fee

Should any pupil wish to opt out of locker hire at the end of any school year the school will issue a full refund for any amount paid in advance.

A new school policy is in place for the use of lockers from 2021-22.

Car Parking

For the 2021-22 school year there will be no charge for the use of the main car park.

Students shall only be permitted to access the car park upon online submission of the relevant forms and proof of insurance, no access to the car park will be permitted from August 2021 onwards unless all paperwork has been submitted and documents uploaded online via the relevant form to the Bursar.  Further information regarding these new arrangements for Sixth Form drivers is available from Mr J McMahon, Head of Sixth Form.

Department Fees

The Art Department will make a number of additional resources available for parents to purchase should they wish to make these purchases for their child to keep.  The costs associated with these optional purchases will be confirmed by the ArtDepartment.  Art Packs are optional purchases and packs are priced at £7 per pack for the 2021-22 school year.

The Home Economics Department will invite parents to make an annual contribution of £25 (Year 8-10) and fees will be confirmed for GCSE students (Year 11-12) to support their child’s learning with the purchase of cookery ingredients for the completion of the pupils’ practical lessons and assessments.  This is the alternative to parents buying their own ingredients.

The Technology Department will invite parents to make an annual contribution of £15 to support their child’s learning with the purchase of materials required for the completion of practical lessons and assessments at Key Stage 3.  At GCSE and A Level fees will be £25 per pupil.  The pupils will bring these items home with them when completed. This is the alternative to parents buying their own materials. 

Extra-Curricular Fees/Optional Extras

Whilst most of our extra-curricular activities are at no extra cost, a very limited amount will incur a fee. Where extra curricular activities are provided by external agencies, the charge for these will be forwarded to Parents/Guardians and payable via ParentMail. There is no obligation for any pupils to participate in chargeable extra-curricular activities. Further information is available in the School Charges and Remissions Policy.

Private Instrumental Music Tuition

Private Instrumental Music Tuition is provided by highly experienced Tutors from the Education Authority Music Service in a range of areas.  Fees for this optional extra are normally paid in full at the start of each school year or alternatively can be paid in two instalments with the first due in Term One and the second due at the beginning of Term Two.

Annual fees are as follows: 
 - £165 for a 20 minute shared lesson (If this can be facilitated by the Tutor)
 - £330 for a 20 minute lesson
 - £495 for a 30 minute lesson
 - £660 for a 40 minute lesson

Other lessons facilitated in school will have fees agreed by a private arrangement between parents and music tutors.

Duke of Edinburgh

We are delighted to be able to offer our pupils the opportunity to participate in Duke of Edinburgh Gold and Bronze training.  Should parents wish their child to complete this training, fees are payable.

These are as follows:
 - Bronze - £195
 - Gold - £475

Payments are normally made in instalments throughout the year via ParentMail.


We have a number of trips abroad of which pupils can avail. Details of charges will be made available via relevant members of staff organising the trip. Payments for these school trips can normally be made as instalments to allow Parents/Guardians to budget. 

Please note that in the interests of the Health and Safety of our staff and pupils there are limited school trips currently available due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.