SIMS Parent App

We use SIMS Parent App as a method of communicating key information to you about your child. We will continue to use ParentMail for communication alongside the SIMS Parent App. The information that you receive through SIMS Parent App will help you to stay up to date with your child’s school life as well as support their development and progress and can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or PC anytime, anywhere. SIMS Parent App can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you cannot make use of the app, you can access SIMS Parent via a website.

SIMS Parent App will be used to share the following information with you regarding your child:

  • Daily, weekly and termly attendance statistics
  • Daily timetable over the 2-week cycle
  • Character information: Behaviour and Achievement Points
  • Termly School Reports
  • Currently held contact information

In addition to this, SIMS Parent App can be used by you to:

  • View school contact details
  • View school key dates
  • Keep all contact information up to date

Each term your child’s Tracking Report will be shared electronically with you via SIMS Parent App. You will be required to log into SIMS Parent via the app or website in order to access these. From here, you have the option to view, save and/or print each report.

Set Up Guide and FAQs

There is a two-step process in order to use SIMS Parent:

  1. Registering with SIMS to activate your SIMS Parent Account (first time only)
  2. Downloading and logging into the app / logging in from the website

Our latest guidance below for setting up SIMS Parent can be found below. This guidance also outlines a series of FAQs to help you. Please ensure you read and follow this guidance exactly when registering for your account. Please note you should only register using one of the following account: Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Twitter. Do not use the SIMS ID or Apple ID options as your registration will fail.

sims parent guide 202324.pdf



As outlined within the document above, please get in touch using the email address provided if you have any problems setting up your account after you have tried all of the steps and worked through the FAQs within the guidance.