Working from Home

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have put together some frequently asked questions to support pupils working from home. We will keep you updated with information as the situation changes.  

We will update you as soon as we have further information from examination boards.



Can I access my My School files and folders from home?

Go to and use your c2k user name and password to log in. Click on View All and choose Files and Apps

How do I log in to Google Classroom from home?

Go to and use your c2k username ( and password to log in.

I tried the above but it didn't require my log in details and took me to a blank Google Classroom.

There must be a Google Account logged in in the background on your computer. When you open Google Classroom, click on the letter in the circle on the top right hand of the screen, sign out and sign in again with your c2k account.

I used my c2k username and password but I could not log in to My School or Google Classroom.

C2k requires you to change your password every 100 days - it will lock you out of your account when this happens. You can use the link below to change your password from home

I tried to change my password but it didn't work/I have forgotten my password.

If you have tried to change your password unsuccessfully or have forgotten it, please contact

Your email will be forwarded to Mr Browne, who will contact you about next steps.

How will I know when a teacher has set me work?

Use Google Classroom on a daily basis, follow your normal timetable. Keep checking on work throughout the day. In the event that work is not there, a teacher may be ill but ensure you check again regularly.

What happens if l have no internet connection?

Currently libraries remain open and you can access the internet there. However, you can also hotspot through your phone if this is not an option.

If school closes, will the building remain open; can I come in to pick up books/files etc?

No - when school is closed, there will be no access to pupils

How should I structure my day to work effectively from home?

Keeping a routine Monday to Friday will be central to making this work. Start as you mean to go on.

Get up, get breakfast/dressed and prepare to start work at 9.05am. Follow your daily timetable.

You may be fitting your schoolwork around other household routines but ensure you give it sufficient time.

Take leisure breaks and time away from screens. Where possible, get outside for a walk/fresh air.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour, so you are ready to start the next day.

Do I have to do schoolwork? What happens if I don't?

You will be coming back to school when directed and will continue to follow the curriculum. It is important that you have completed work to the best of your ability so that you are at the same stage in your learning as the rest of your class. You have to take personal responsibility for your learning.

I am doing A(S) levels/GCSEs. What will happen with examinations?

At this time (17/03/2020), examination boards have continued to tell schools to prepare pupils as normal for external examinations. Pupils need to spend their time well in preparing for examinations.

I haven't finished coursework/controlled assessment (Year 12/13/14). Will I lose marks?

Currently, the Examination Boards have asked all schools to enter coursework and controlled assessment marks as soon as possible. Most pupils have now submitted controlled assessment/coursework. If you have some work outstanding, you should make every effort to complete this as a matter of urgency. If there are aspects you are unable to complete from home due to technical equipment required, you must complete what you can and the Examination Boards will provide us with further guidance.