Women's Aid 'Make a Cuppa' Fundraiser

On Monday 27 May we hosted our ‘Make a Cuppa’ fundraiser in the staffroom for Women’s Aid ABCLN.

This was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some early morning treats and bakes together and support many local children in our area who have been affected by domestic violence. We are most thankful to Women’s Aid ABCLN for the work they have done for us this year in staff training and across the year groups in our school. Women’s Aid ABCLN aims to provide a safe place for children free from violence, abuse and threat.

Last year they worked with 6,580 children across ABCLN – supporting 1215 affected by domestic violence in the local community and 66 in their refuge. In 2017-2018 ten babies were born to women in refuge.

Domestic violence impacts a child’s health, education, social activities and relationships. Through support provided by Women’s Aid, children can learn about making healthy choices and relationships, how to keep themselves safe, identify positive support networks and understand their emotions, develop a new-found confidence and self-esteem.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a worthwhile charity - we raised £284.60. Together we hope to continue to support this local charity and help to make it better for children affected by domestic violence.