Victoria plays lead role in Miss Saigon

On the 20th July a group of staff and pupils took off to the Grand Opera House in Belfast to see Victoria McClements, starring the lead role as Kim in Miss Saigon. Victoria has just finished her studies here at Antrim Grammar, having earned an A* grade in Performing Arts A-Level.

Whilst we had watched Victoria in many of our own school productions here at Antrim Grammar School, it was amazing to see her face on the bill board outside the Grand Opera House.

Set in 1975 during the Vietnam War, Victoria played an innocent 17 year old peasant girl named Kim.  She falls in love with Chris, a U.S. Marine whose promise to deliver Kim a new life gets unwittingly broken amid the chaos of the fall of Saigon.  Their separation that fateful day had us all reaching for our tissues.  Kim waited 3 years for Chris to return to rescue her and her son of whom he knew nothing.  Kim was later to discover the truth about Chris his wife Ellen and his new life in America.

Victoria was sensational, we were all transfixed for two and a half hours with her amazing voice and acting, we were all so proud of her and totally in awe of her performance! Perhaps the next time we’ll see Victoria she will be treading the boards of the West End stage...

After the show we asked Victoria to give some advice to any other young, budding actors; she said:

“It was an incredible experience to work with such a professional production team and perform in the Grand Opera House.  Kim is such an incredible character because she experiences so many different emotions throughout the musical.  It was a challenging but really rewarding character. And for others who want to do musical theatre, it’s all about having determination and resilience.  You won’t get every role you want but it’s about working hard and proving yourself anytime you get an opportunity.”