Thank You SPT 2022-23!

We would like to thank our amazing outgoing Senior Prefect Team for their exceptional dedication and hard work throughout the year! These outstanding individuals have not only shown remarkable leadership qualities but also demonstrated a genuine commitment to the wellbeing of our school community.
As a token of gratitude, our Principal, Mr Wilson, and Vice Principals, Mrs Aitcheson and Mrs Rayot, along with Head of Key Stage 5, Mr McMahon and Head of Year, Miss Fair treated the SPT to dinner at The Boathouse in Antrim on Thursday. It was a well-deserved reward for their dedication and countless hours of service.
We wish them all the best as they embark on new adventures and challenges. We have no doubt that the skills, values, and experiences they gained during their time as Senior Prefects will help them to achieve greatness in whatever path they choose. They have truly made a difference and set a shining example for future generations.
To our 2022-23 SPT, Lucia, Tom, Sarah, Ethan, Phoebe and Jason, thank you for everything you have done!