Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our Science Fair winners who were awarded their prizes at assembly this morning. These talented individuals demonstrated exceptional creativity, dedication, and scientific aptitude in their respective projects. Their hard work and commitment to scientific exploration have truly impressed us all!
🥇 Keisha Fee – Investigating what makes the best filter for gas masks
🥈 Annabelle McNeilly – Measuring intolerance of eyes to colour of light
🥉 Jason Park – Investigating decomposition of citrus fruit in different conditions
Medal Winners
Austin Betts – Testing flammable oils in fruit peels by burning them
Mia McCann – Combining vinegar and baking soda to make an invisible fire extinguisher
Ben Whitehead – Extracting DNA from different fruits
Andrew Prue / Aaron Munro – Turning an iron nail into other metals using displacement reactions
Olivia McGovaney / Hayley Pearson – Using light to investigate oxygen release from photosynthesis
Lily Cardwell / Erin Hanna – Exploring differences between solids and liquids using a non-newtonian fluid
Bella Owen – Creating a water cycle in a jar using temperature changes and condensation