NI21 Time Capsule

Over the past couple of weeks the History Club have been preparing material for the NI21 time capsule. This time capsule is representative of the experiences had by our pupils at AGS during 2021. 
We held a competition for creative items to be entered into the time capsule. The history club would like to thank Mr Gillen and Miss Dark for helping us decide a top four!
1st place: Ashlee Szymanska (40 points to Tardree)
2nd place: Noah Griffiths (30 points to Massereene)
3rd place: Daniel Stevenson (20 points to Tardree)
4th place: Connor Whiting (10 points to Tardree)
We even gained a history meme which will mark our History Club of 2021/22.
Congratulations to all of our participants, we are thrilled by the constant hard work and effort that you continue to show at History Club.