Live the Story You Want to Tell - Anato Swu

On the 8th October 2019 a special lunch time talk: Live the Story You Want to Tell, took place in the Conference Room for senior pupils. Anato Swu from India has written and published his first book 'A Diamond of Dust'. Pupils listened with interest to Anato’s powerful story of how he, as a highly educated trainee surgeon, was tempted to abuse prescription drugs as a one-time experience. He did this not realising that the experience would jeopardise his career and cause him to be an addict and with that, would bring life-changing consequences. His book records, through experience, lucid accounts of not only what drugs and alcohol does to a person, but how to prevent you and your own children from becoming another statistic as its victim. We would like to thank Anato for visiting our school and taking the time to share his story with both pupils and staff.