Junior Bake Off for World Book Day

Happy World Book Day from the wonderful bakers in Key Stage 3!
The judges were completely blown away by the talented designs that all relate to different books. Can you identify them all? Pupils from across different year groups enjoyed stopping by at lunch today to admire the many beautiful bakes. Well done to all our winners who have won a lot of house points – Tardree has performed particularly well!
Year 8
1st – Katie Smyth
2nd – Olivia Thompson
3rd – Ashlee Szymanska
4th – Roshini Jayaprakash
Year 9
1st – Scarlett Millar
2nd – Poppy Ramsey
3rd – Louis Onion
4th – Saoirse Crawford and Ethan Lucas
Year 10
1st - Charlotte White
2nd - Alannah Connolly