CCEA Top Examination Results!

Antrim Grammar School has managed to secure seven top 3 places in a variety of subjects across CCEA examinations within Northern Ireland.

Notable amongst this impressive achievement is the Performing Arts’ department’s Victoria McClements placed first and Sarah Clingen placed second at A level. Equally impressive is Ethan Hutchinson’s tally of three top 3 finishes in four of his A level subjects.  Principal Miss Jenny Lendrum commented, ‘this year we are delighted to have a number of pupils who have been placed in the top 3 places in CCEA’s examinations in seven subjects. This is an amazing achievement for our pupils and we are so proud of them. Congratulations also go to all staff who inspired and guided the pupils to perform so highly’.

The placings are as follows:

Victoria McClements (pictured top) – 1st in GCE Performing Arts taught by Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Dickey

Ethan Hutchinson – 2nd in GCE Government and Politics taught by Ms Gibson

Ethan Hutchinson – 3rd in GCE Geography taught by Dr Finlay and Miss Berry

Ethan Hutchinson – 3rd in GCE History taught by Mr McVeigh and Mrs Hanna

Sarah Clingen – 2nd in GCE Performing Arts taught by Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Dickey

Jeffrey Ho (pictured bottom left) – 3rd in GCSE Engineering and Manufacturing taught by Mr McMahon

Ross Mackay (pictured bottom right) – 3rd in GCSE Further Maths taught by Dr O’Kane and Miss Wilkinson