Amisha Chaudhry - Oxford Success

We are delighted that one of our Year 14 students, Amisha Chaudhry, has been offered a place to study History and Politics at Balliol College Oxford in September. This is a remarkable achievement and is testament to Amisha’s hard work over many years. Her passion for History impressed the interview panel, as did her academic achievements. Additionally, Amisha had to perform excellently in the History Aptitude Test, a demanding challenge, which she duly did.

Amisha was very ably supported by Ms Carol Simpson, our Oxbridge specialist and the whole of the History Department. Mr McVeigh and his colleagues need to take credit for furthering her passion for History, which so clearly came to the fore, during Amisha’s application process.

Amisha wanted to share her experience of applying:

From the beginning of the application process to the day I got my offer, I never imagined that I would actually be offered a place. Oxford always seemed out of reach and unrealistic to me. A pipe-dream that I was chasing to avoid the regret of not having tried, yet one which I was never actually going to achieve.

When I received my offer I was extremely shocked (and secretly wondered if there had been a mistake!) I would strongly advise any prospective Oxbridge applicants who are having self-doubt, or think it is too aspirational, to apply regardless of how difficult it seems. I was terrified about every step of the entry process, from the entrance exam to the interviews, and yet it was worth it in the end.

I am so excited to study History and Politics at university and further my passion for both subjects in such an intellectually stimulating environment, and meet like-minded people.

I am extremely grateful for all the help my school has given me throughout the Oxford application process; the opportunity to attend such a prestigious university is so thrilling, and I could not have achieved it without all the support I received from my teachers, parents and friends.