Sixth form

The transformational experience our sixth form students have enjoyed in recent years has continued to yield the best A level results in our School's history.  Furthermore our senior students have progressed to the next step in their career as leaders who are resilient and self-assured. We are proud of how our senior students continue to reflect our key values and ethos in their character and determination to succeed.

Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness - Anne Frank

Subjects on offer at Sixth Form

In Sixth Form we offer a wide range of A level subjects (or equivalent) in order to cater for the needs and interests of our pupils and those of higher education and employers. Our curriculum offer encompasses traditional A level subjects together with some vocational courses. In addition to our own provision we work collaboratively with Parkhall Integrated College to facilitate an additional course option, an arrangement which has help strengthen the relationship as schools and provide extra variety for students.

Universities continue to place a premium on good grades in three A2 subjects (or equivalent) and achievement of those grades remains the central focus of Sixth Form studies at Antrim Grammar School.  In addition to our academic provision we seek to enable Sixth Form students to develop their social, dramatic, musical and sporting interests and to encourage qualities of leadership, initiative and responsibility.  As a school we remain committed to our aim of 'Education for Life' and in equipping our young people to meet the needs of an ever changing society.

For full and detailed look at our Sixth form subject offer, Sixth Form Options.

Entrance Criteria

In light of modern day academic requirements for university, higher level apprenticeships or employment, our senior students must study a minimum of three AS/A2 subjects, though pupils with a strong GCSE profile will study four, or occasionally five AS subjects.

In order to be considered for a place in Lower Sixth Form (Year 13) a candidate must fulfil all of the Sixth Form Entrance Criteria as detailed in the attached Sixth Form Admissions and Study Policy.  Key criterion includes the achievement of a minimum of at least 7A* - C grades (or equivalent) at GCSE and a minimum of 12 GCSE points. For a full and detailed look at the entrance criteria, please click here.

Expression of Interest

If you would like to contact us regarding securing a place in Sixth Form, please complete the Expression of Interest Form and send it to the school for the attention of Mr McMahon, current Head of Sixth Form. Alternatively if you would just like to chat about your options then call the school and ask to speak to Mr McMahon directly. We look forward to hearing from you.


Further to a successful application to Sixth Form at Antrim Grammar School we take time to nurture a smooth transition to AS level study for all of our senior students.  At our induction evening parents and students enjoy a vision for the year ahead and are afforded the opportunity to meet key staff who play an important role in guiding their pastoral and academic progress. For all key information delivered at induction, click here.

Our Induction Evening is quickly followed by Year 13's first experience of senior school in the form of a fun and challenging morning which gives students the chance to meet and engage for the first time and set the tone for the year ahead. AS level study requires focus and aptitude and whilst we expect high levels of application from our students we take time to support and encourage those who find the move difficult.  it's our belief that all students should given every opportunity to succeed at their chosen pathway.

If you really want to do something you will find a way.  If you don't you will find an excuse - Jim Rohn