Antrim Grammar School Celebrates Inspection Success

In May 2019, the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) visited our School to conduct a Sustaining Improvement Inspection.

A Sustaining Improvement Inspection happens 3 years after a full inspection therefore given our last inspection was April 2016, May 2019 was timely for us. Staff and pupils in our school engaged with the inspection which has allowed the ETI to evaluate the extent to which our school is capable of demonstrating its capacity to effect improvement through self-evaluation and effective development planning. You can view the full  report through the following website: or by clicking here.


Some of the comments include: 

‘Lessons were characterised by excellent working relationships, the teachers’ realistically high expectations of the pupils and the pupils’ purposeful engagement in learning.’


‘Over the last three years, the pupils’ outcomes in almost all (GCSE) subjects at grades A*-B and A Level subjects at grades A*-C have been in line with, or above, the Northern Ireland respective averages. The proportion of pupils attaining three or more A levels at grades A*-C has risen by more than ten percentage points.’  


‘Pupils articulated a mature understanding of the importance of character development and expressed their appreciation of the school’s positive approach to behaviour, complemented by the opportunities provided to develop such important skills as resilience and self –management. They value the approachable staff who provide effective academic and pastoral support when needed.’


‘During the inspection, the school provided evidence that the arrangements for safeguarding pupils reflect the guidance from the Department of Education. Pupils reported that they feel safe and secure in school; they know what to do if they have any concerns about their wellbeing.’


The conclusion of the Inspection was that Antrim Grammar School continues to demonstrate the capacity to identify and bring about improvement in the interest of all pupils. 

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