Here at Antrim Grammar School we are committed to supporting pupils throughout their years of study. We believe that study skills are fundamental in ensuring that all pupils have the skills to help them study and learn efficiently and we want to ensure all pupils acquire this important set of transferable life skills.

Pupils in Antrim Grammar will develop their own personal approach to study and learning through all aspects of the curriculum including: 

  • Timetabled subjects including Careers and Learning for Life and Work
  • Pupil and Parent Information Evenings
  • Pastoral Time
  • Assemblies
  • Learning and Teaching Committee initiatives
  • Learning Support involvement
  • Peer support

Pupils will develop their own individual study skills so that they can use methods that best suit them and ultimately achieve their full potential. It is our vision that the study skills acquired by pupils in Antrim Grammar School will ‘Educate for Life’.

Click below for information relating to Internal and External Examinations:

Internal Examinations 

External Examinations