Covid-19: Keeping Everyone Safe in School

Roy T. Bennett, in his The Light in the Heart, commented “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create”.

We have not lost sight of who we are as an AGS family – committed to outstanding teaching and learning, unapologetic about wanting the best possible outcomes for our pupils, supportive of each other and focused on becoming stronger together as a whole school community.

Pupil Sickness

Covid Pupil Sickness Guidance


Social Distancing

Covid Social Distancing Guidance


Face Masks

Covid Face Masks Guidance


Personal Hygiene

Covid Personal Hygiene Guidance



Covid Cleaning Guidance


Sharing of Equipment

Covid Sharing of Equipment Guidance



Covid Uniform Guidance


School Transport

Covid School Transport Guidance


Catering Arrangements

Covid Catering Arrangements Guidance


Extra-Curricular Clubs/Activities

Covid Extra-Curricular Clubs/Activities Guidance


Adults Visiting the School

Covid Adults Visiting the School Guidance


School Routines

Covid School Routines Guidance


PHA Guidance

All Guidance

You can find all of our guidance here:

Supporting your child during this time