Year 9 - 12

Whilst it is less common for pupils to transfer to Post Primary Education during Years 9-12 we still have the facility to accommodate anyone who wishes to apply. Firstly, you will be made very welcome if you are considering Antrim Grammar School and secondly, you will be guided and advised through every step of the process. Applications at this stage in  a student's school career can be as a result of a multitude of reasons and we ensure that all applications will be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity. For all steps in the process follow the information below.

Entrance Criteria

Applications should be made, in writing, to the School using form Annex B as appropriate which can  be found in the linked document below.  All those seeking Admission will be required to sit a Cognitive Ability Test and to provide the most recent reports from their present school.

Following receipt of an application, the School will advise parents as to the next steps to be taken and subsequently provide written notification, within ten working days of the applicant sitting the admissions test, of any decision to admit the child or otherwise. It should be noted that those who have made an application, but have failed to obtain a place in the School, will be placed on a reserve list until 1st May following their application, at which time their application is deemed to have lapsed.

Admissions to Years 9-12


Your new Year Tutor will meet you on your first day to welcome you to Antrim Grammar School. You will receive your new timetable and meet your new classmates in your registration class. One of your new classmates will help guide you around the school in the first few days. We will sort out any issues for you such as bus pass, locker, your user ID and password for C2K computers, Google Classroom and the school printer network.

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