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Vision and Aims

School Vision

During the last academic year in which a new principal was appointed and in which the 40th anniversary of the school was celebrated, it was appropriate to revisit the school vision to ensure it articulated the most important aims and values for every member of our school community.

The process involved representatives from the pupils, parents, Governors and staff meeting  to review the school’s existing aims and values and to develop an inspiring vision that provides  a shared sense of purpose and direction.

The school motto of “Educating for Life” succinctly describes that the aim of the school is to educate pupils who become confident, connected, actively involved young people and who will develop a lifelong love of learning. 

"You cannot have a learning organisation without a shared vision...A shared vision provides a compass to keep learning on course when stress develops."

Peter Senge

We aim to do this by:

  • providing pupils with an excellent education that encourages a lifelong love of learning;
  • encouraging pupils to develop knowledge, skills and understanding which prepare them to take initiatives in life;
  • providing every member of the school community with a safe and caring environment, in which the needs of each individual are considered and they are appreciated and valued;
  • encouraging pupils to be committed, responsible and productive members of the school and wider society.

New school crest

Following the review of the school vision, pupils were invited to design a new crest that reflected the main elements of our school community and its ethos.  The themes of learning, pastoral care and being connected to the Antrim community came through very strongly in the pupils’ ideas but also the importance of including the existing AGS symbol in the new design.  Holly Downes, Year 9 designed a crest that brought these themes together very successfully and was the basis for a number of options designed by Gemma O’Hagan, Graphic Designer.  Pupils, staff and Governors were asked to vote and to suggest any amendments.  The final version is shown below:


  • The school colours of blue and amber represent steadfastness, strength, truth and loyalty and rewarding ambition.
  • The shield itself represents defence or protection.
  • The central letters AGS standing for Antrim Grammar School are the original design of the school crest which was created by a student in Rupert Stanley College in 1974.
  • The tree symbolises the development and growth of each pupil.
  • The open book represents the importance of developing a love of learning.
  • The hands reflect the caring nature of our school community.
  • The tower symbols the Round Tower which is adjacent to the school and also represents our link to society.