Sixth Form Fee

The Antrim Grammar School Sixth Form Fee is £100 and is payable at the start of Year 13 and Year 14.  At the end of Year 14, provided all books are returned in good condition and signed off, £30 is refundable. The Sixth Form Fee is payable on Results Day each year, prior to the start of the academic year.

The following are covered by the Sixth Form Fee.

Year 13                                                                      Year 14

Book Deposit (£30 refundable)                             Common Room Fund

Common Room Fund                                             Buses to University Open days

Tea/Coffee/Milk                                                        Tea/Coffee/Milk

Induction Day                                                           Leavers’ Event

Sixth Form Café                                                       Sixth Form Café

Maintenance/Staffing Private Study                    Maintenance/Staffing Private Study


Is there any support available for students from lower income backgrounds?

In Sixth Form, students from Lower Income backgrounds can apply for the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA). This is a weekly payment of £30, paid on a fortnightly basis and is to be used to cover the costs of continuing in 16-19 education. The school can arrange an alternative payment schedule for those in receipt of EMA.

EMA forms are available in school or online. Further information on the EMA is available on the NI Direct website: