Tracking and Reporting

Tracking is a very important aspect of our whole school assessment strategy.  At Key Stage 3 Tracking provides key staff with an on-going picture of a junior pupil's progress from Year 8 through to Year 10 when pupils will make their choices for GCSE study. Tracking, in most cases, also gives parents a good sense of how their child has settled in to school and is adapting to the challenges of post-primary education. It can often serve as useful tool in highlighting an area of weakness that will enable both staff and teachers to support where appropriate and in contrast it also provides an important opportunity to celebrate good progress and success.

At Key Stage 4 and 5 Tracking evolves into a very important monitoring tool as senior students take vital steps towards the completion of GCSEs and A levels respectively.  Besides key baseline information, Tracking Reports will often include a teacher comment, effort rating and very importantly a Professionally Predicted Grade which enables all stakeholders to make well informed decisions on where to focus improvement or apply support. Tracking can also provide students with a healthy dose of reassurance and encouragement that their hard working approach is reaping dividends and they are on target to achieve their potential.

For our 2018-19 Annual Tracking Plan please click here.

Annual Tracking Plan 2018-19