Student Teaching and Learning Group

Learning Council

The student Learning Council is an important aspect of school life in Antrim Grammar. The group is committed to improving the teaching and learning experience for all pupils in School. The group meets regularly to discuss school issues, review policies and to offer ideas for implementation within the school. To date, the Learning Council has influenced many changes and members have led initiatives to help pupils with their studies so that they achieve their full potential.

Members of the Learning Council 2017-18


Mrs Reid (Chair)
Alex Beckett (Vice-Chair)
Tommy Monahan (Secretary)
Bethany O’Hagan
Ethan Hutchinson
Holly Morton
Nabeel Shaikh
Amy Logan
Matt Stead
Jodie Majury
Emma Patterson
Shine Shaiju
Chloe Martin
Max Lilleyman
Gavin McCaffrey
Sarah McClean
Anita Madassary
Danielle McKee
Daniel Chestnutt
Thomas Allen
Abbie Winning
Kaitlyn Paton
Keping Li