Student Support

The school operates its pastoral care system through the various levels of pupil/teacher contact.  The first port of call is the Class Tutor who sees the pupil every day and builds up knowledge about them, monitoring uniform, attendance, progress and punctuality.  The Year Tutor takes overall responsibility for the group under their care and would be the main source of knowledge about pupil progress and behaviour.  It is often the year Tutor who will be in contact with parents and they will oversee and comment on reports and tracking.  Built in to the system is a further level of support from SLT link teachers at each key stage.  Their role is to support the Year Tutor and attend meetings with parents where necessary.

Overseeing all of the pupil support system is the Pastoral Vice Principal who is the Designated Teacher for Child Protection and Drugs Incidents as well as the Key Contact for school counselling.  The school counselling service is offered on either a pupil self-referral or Year Tutor referral basis every week.  The service has its limits, but we strive to manage this effectively and refer out to other services such as CAMHS, Antrim Youth Information and Counselling Service and other agencies.  When necessary, other agencies are brought in to school to provide training, such as Nexus which helps with online safety.

There are two ‘Speak-up’ boxes in school and referral cards for pupils to pass on confidential matters discreetly.  These are monitored regularly and matters passed to year Tutors or dealt with directly by the Pastoral Vice Principal.