Student Leadership Opportunities

The role of the pupils in the life of the school is vital in supporting an ethos of strong community and innovation which speaks for the entire pupil body. There are a wide range of opportunities for pupils to contribute to the well being and development of the school and the wider community at all stages of their career and which endeavour to support the leadership potential of all.

Pupils are encouraged to contribute formally and informally in a number of ways and through a variety of democratic structures. In addition to Student Voice, our leadership programme provides a myriad of enrichment opportunities through which pupils can grow in character and practise leadership skills.

Prefect Team

Senior pupils have the opportunity to undertake more responsibilities within the school. This includes becoming a member of the prefect team. This team consists of a Senior Prefect Team of Head Girl, Head Boy, two Deputy Head Girls and two Deputy Head Boys and prefects. Prefects assist the staff in the efficient operation of the school and have particular duties at break and lunch time and also during school events and functions. All prefects are trained as anti-bullying ambassadors at the beginning of the academic year.

Pupil Learning and Teaching Group

The introduction of a pupil teaching and learning group is a reflection by the school of our continued commitment to improve teaching and learning. This initiative provides a framework to support strong, positive collaboration between pupils and teachers and has been developed by Mrs Lendrum, Curriculum Vice Principal.

Pupil ICT Strategy Group

The newly constituted ICT strategy group “Be Safe” aims to educate pupils, parents and staff about the best way to use technology in a responsible way in order to enhance learning. Membership of the group is open to all pupils and will provide guidance, training and support to members of the school community under the leadership of Mrs Lendrum, Curriculum Vice Principal.

Sixth Form Buddies

The position of Sixth Form buddy is open to Year 13 pupils and provides a pastoral peer mentoring for junior school pupils especially Year 8 pupils making the transition from primary school. The Sixth Form buddies also organise and run the highly successful Junior Discos, raising valuable funds to purchase equipment to benefit all pupils in the school.

Subject Mentors

Academic mentors for subject areas such as Mathematics, English and Modern Languages are chosen from Sixth Form pupils.  The role of a subject mentor is to provide specific subject related support and guidance in their chosen area to students across KS3 and 4 and also to assist with related extra-curricular clubs such as Scribes and Be Squared.  Pupils can self refer or be referred by a member of staff and training in regard to the nature of that support will be provided by the relevant Subject Leader.

Library Monitors

In the autumn term pupils are invited annually to apply for the positions of Library Monitors. All suitable candidates are interviewed, successful students then undergo training for several months learning a lot about the organisation behind the scenes. Library Monitors undertake a wide range of activities from issuing and returning resources using the computerised library management system; shelving items; stamping book club magazines; processing new books; helping with displays as well as assisting their peers. They may also contribute suggestions for book purchases or ideas as to services the library could usefully provide. The student librarians form an important part of the library team.

Sound and Lighting Team

The pupil Sound and Lighting Team in conjunction with the Subject Leader for Performing Arts are responsible for the technical aspects of all examined performances and the school production. In addition, they have responsibility for the sound and ICT requirements for whole school assemblies, information evenings, open days, prize distributions and other school functions.

Other opportunities

There are many other school activities through which pupils can develop leadership skills including the magazine committee, eco-committee, Sports Captains’ system and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.