Attendance Information

Attendance Information ‘Miss School Miss Out’

There is a strong statistical link between ATTENDANCE and ATTAINMENT. Pupils who have high attendance figures tend to achieve high levels of attainment in all key stages and especially in GCSE & A-Level results. An attendance rate of 95% across the school year amounts to nine days’ absence and this can have a detrimental effect on learning.

If there are problems which affect a pupil’s attendance, we will investigate, identify and strive in partnership with parents, pupils and the Education Welfare Officer to resolve these problems, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Registers are taken and kept formally as morning and afternoon registration and at the start of lessons. If parents have not contacted the school attendance line or informed the school in advance there will be an automated text message sent enquiring about absence.  The office staff monitors attendance and keep Class Tutors and Year Tutors informed so they can follow this up.  The School rewards system acknowledges full attendance monthly on class and year group noticeboards and there are termly certificates for full attendance at bronze, silver and gold level.

We expect 100% attendance and punctuality from all our pupils. DENI are striving to get the ‘Miss School Miss Out’ message across and we fully support this strategy, linked as it is with academic outcomes.


Attendance Line: 02894 463432