Antrim Grammar School – International Links

The school has been awarded the International School Award on three previous occasions. Over the last ten years, the school has developed and reviewed its policies to reflect an ever-increasing dimension of internationalism in a global world. We have been involved in Comenius, Connecting Classrooms, NASA and many international partners, including France, Germany, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Spain, USA and Saudi Arabia.

We strive to develop our international work through curricular collaboration with partner schools, hosting and visiting partner institutions and promoting the international work within school, among stakeholders and in the local and national. There have been substantial opportunities for both pupils and staff to broaden their horizons beyond Northern Ireland and to be engaged in collaborative work with foreign partners.

The school strives to provide all year round opportunities or international collaboration and exposure to other cultures through trips. The embedded practice is to involve as many year groups as possible each time but with clear emphasis on curricular work. In the past year, our pupils have visited France, Spain, Switzerland, Cambodia, Vietnam, Poland and Ethiopia and our teachers have visited schools in Germany and the Philippines. Under the leadership of our new principal, we have created an entrance of diversity and inclusion with greetings in over 24 languages, as spoken by the school community.