Year 8 Induction Day 2018



Antrim Grammar School. 9am. Thursday 30th August. Blue and yellow balloons sway gently in the last breeze of summer and one can just detect the faint aroma of grilled bacon as it wafts amongst the crowd. What can this be? Ahead, we see a group of impeccably dressed pupils and their parents; their fears quickly allayed as some sixth formers give out signs to their young charges. A significant clue to what is happening is betrayed by the sign reading: “Your first day at Antrim Grammar School”. A quick photograph of each pupil as they pass by the iPad manned by Mr. McMahon, Head of PR, followed the obligatory solitary shot for posterity, and the pupils are ushered smoothly into the school foyer. Of course, it is Antrim Grammar School’s Year 8 Induction morning.


In a slight change to previous years, we involved the pupils’ parents more fully by offering them a breakfast of bacon and sausage baps along with tea and coffee in the Stinson Hall. After this leisurely start, parents were informed about the school’s strong emphasis on academic achievement and given information on our assessment and reporting. They also heard about the importance of pupils becoming involved in extracurricular activities, which neatly fits into this year’s school theme of ‘Grow’ – of the young people growing as individuals and as members of the school and local community. Thus, pupils were delighted to receive a packet of seeds to plant to exemplify this concept.


At the same time, pupils had great fun with their Class Tutors, meeting their classmates and being given a tour of the school. All too soon it was time for pupils to return to the Stinson Hall to be reunited with their parents, enjoy the afternoon off and face the prospect of Monday morning with a new-found confidence. Year 8: we all look forward to working with you this year!