Saying Goodbye to Mrs McIvor and Mr McKenna

In this last week of the academic year, staff and pupils of our school took time to pay warm tributes to a couple of legendary teachers who have given Antrim Grammar School a collective 60 years of service. Mrs McIvor joined AGS in 1982, under the tenure of Mr Stanley Spence and whilst she taught many subjects it was her leadership with Girls’ PE and in particular Girls’ Hockey which she will be remembered for most. At our final School Assembly of the year, students took time to reflect on the huge impact her dedication had on their lives. This was mirrored later in the day when, at the staff celebration, many teachers, young and old, eluded to a how their career at AGS was much the greater as a result of her welcome, warmth and longstanding friendship. Dance was also a big part of Mrs McIvor’s lengthy contribution to school life and one senior student echoed the sentiments of many peers as he described the classes and her influence as something which truly changed his life.

Mr McKenna joined Mrs McIvor in 1996 and they formed a formidable partnership which was built on commitment, care and lots of fun. We will all remember Mr McKenna’s volume and his ability to turn heads at the very far side of the hockey pitches with a single yell – ‘HURRY UP’!!! This week many students told stories of funny moments with Mr McKenna, moments they will no doubt tell again and again as they reflect on happy times at AGS, even after they have long gone, but there is no doubt the character traits they will reflect on most will be his care, kindness and fun. His time at our school is marked by deep friendships, caring relationships and his commitment to charity - his investment in the ‘whole student’ was continually reflected in how he dealt with every individual, every day.

We say goodbye to both and wish them all the very best at whatever they might do next, knowing that whatever it might be, it will bring a smile to the faces of those around them. Thank you Heather and Robin! Take care.