Susan Bell Food and Nutrition Suite 

Antim Grammar School has honoured former Governor, Mrs Susan Bell by naming the Food and Nutrition Department in Antrim Grammar School as the ‘Susan Bell Food and Nutrition Suite.’

Mrs Bell was Governor in Antrim Grammar School from 1985 to 2018. Throughout her tenure she assumed many roles within the Board of Governors including Vice Chair and Chair of the Board of Governors. She was also a parent and proud that all of her children attended Antrim Grammar School.

Throughout her time as Governor she was wholly committed to making a difference to the lives of everyone in the Antrim Community. She has always had a special interest in cooking and has been and continues to be Antrim Grammar School’s Mary Berry. She has tasted many GCSE practical meals over the years! Mrs Bell also personally provided for the Department’s beautifully embroidered first aprons which are still worn today. Mrs Bell is no longer a Governor in Antrim Grammar School but we know that she will continue to play a huge role in the life of the School.