Spanish Department

Teaching Staff

Ms C Simpson, Subject Leader
Ms R Martinez, Teacher

Dr D. Byrne Key Stage 3 teacher


Spanish is taught as a timetabled subject to pupils in Years 8 to 10.  Pupils can opt to study Spanish for GCSE and AS / A2 level.

Teaching and Learning Aims

Our aim is to develop language acquisition skills as well as encouraging an interest in the culture of Spanish speaking countries around the world.  We provide opportunities for pupils to interact in the target language as often as possible to build competence as well as confidence.


Key Stage 3 Summary

Year 8

Greetings. Talking about yourself and your family.  School life and subjects.  Spanish festivals.

All content is taught and practised through four skill areas:  Listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The emphasis in Years 8 and 9 is on acquiring sound listening and speaking skills.

Year 9

Daily routine and meals.  Getting around.  House and town.


Year 10

Leisure time and hobbies.  Future plans, television and cinema.  Shopping and holidays.






The course is assessed through a combination of Controlled Assessments (speaking and writing)  and final exams (listening and reading).  Controlled Assessment accounts for 60% of the course assessment and is complete by spring of Year 12.  The listening and reading papers are each worth 20%.  In the current specification, the teacher marks two separate speaking tasks and CCEA mark two submitted pieces of writing.  The specification WILL change for those beginning GCSE in September 2017


GCE Spanish will give you a fascinating insight into the world of Spanish. Whilst developing the ability to communicate confidently and effectively in Spanish in both speech and writing, you will also learn about the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of not only Spain but of other countries and communities where Spanish is spoken. Your own personal development will also benefit greatly from taking GCE Spanish. It will strengthen your confidence and help you gain a positive attitude to learning and independent study. The AS units can be taken separately as a stand-alone qualification or you can take the AS units combined with the A2 units to gain the full A Level qualification.

ASSESSMENT: CCEA Examining Board. Each unit is examined separately.

Details of the subject content and assessment* can be found on the CEA website

*A new specification begins in September 2016.


Year 13 AS



Mode of Assessment




Speaking exam with visiting examiner

35% of AS

17% of A2



Listening, Reading Comprehension, Translation and Responsive writing

External papers

65% of AS

32.5% of A2

Year 14 A2



Mode of Assessment




Speaking exam with visiting examiner



Listening, Reading Comprehension, Prose Translation and Literary Essay,

External Papers


Extra Curricular/Extended Learning Opportunities

There is a language study trip to Spain for Key Stage 4 and 5 students (Years 11-14) every two years which comprises daily Spanish classes with native speakers followed by a variety of cultural activities.

Students visit QUB for Open Days and Film presentations.  The modern Languages Club offers students a chance to engage in more recreational activities associated with Spain and Spanish.

Career Opportunities


What can I do with a qualification in Spanish?

Learning a language will bring you a wide range of skills and attributes. Not only will you be able to communicate in another language but you will have opportunities to improve communication and interpersonal skills, all of which are highly sought after by employers and universities alike. A qualification in GCE Spanish will offer you a range of employment opportunities and not just in the traditional fields of teaching, tourism, government and marketing. GCE Spanish will also benefit you in areas such as financial services, IT, journalism and engineering.