Government and Politics


Teaching Staff

Miss L Gibson (Head of Politics)

Mr S Brown


A Level Government and Politics CCEA

This subject may be taken at AS level without having been studied at GCSE level.

GCSE History, Geography or English Literature grades may be used. The minimum

Grade B in one of these qualifying subjects may be enhanced to a grade A if the subject is oversubscribed. In addition, those who have GCSE in History will be given preference in oversubscribed circumstances.


AS/A2 level Government and Politics is a new subject in the Sixth Form, although it builds

on skills acquired in other GCSE subjects. A good writing style is essential since all

responses in the examinations require a lucid and direct approach. A significant part of

the course is structured in response to contemporary sources, but extended writing is also

necessary, particularly at A2.

Teaching and Learning Aims

  1. To thoroughly prepare pupils for the demands of A level
  2. To maintain high levels of success in external examinations
  3. To give pupils a good awareness of the political scene and to become good citizens
  1. To encourage active participation in class

Units of Study

*This is the new specification which operates from September 2016 onwards for AS and from September 2017 onwards for A2:


Year 13



Mode of Assessment



The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland:

  • Direct Rule to the Good Friday Agreement
  • The workings of the Assembly and Executive
  • The Northern Ireland parties

Examination 1 hour 15 minutes

40% AS

 16% A Level


The British Political Process:

  • The inter-relationships of the legislature, executive and judiciary

1 hour 45 minutes

60% AS

24% A Level

Year 14



Mode of Assessment



The Government and Politics of the USA and UK – a comparative study

  • The US Constitution
  • Comparisons of the USA and UK legislatures and executives

2 hours 15 minutes external examination paper

60% A2

35% A level


Political Power

  • A synoptic paper which allows the drawing of political knowledge from across all of the modules
  • A source-based and essay question focus on political theory


1 hour  30 minutes external examination paper

40% A2

25% A level

Extra Curricular/Extended Learning Opportunities

  1. Many pupils go to the Stormont Assembly on work experience with an MLA
  2. We aim to make a visit to the Assembly or bring MLAs in to talk to pupils

Career Opportunities

  1. Many take the subject itself to third level, perhaps with History
  2. It is particularly useful as an access subject for Law, especially constitutional law
  3. Journalism and the media
  4. Teaching career
  5. Political advice or party political work