Business Studies


Teaching Staff

Mr B. Baguley

It is the vision of the Business Studies’ Department that all students studying the subject at AGS will:

– Be inspired and active in the classroom
– Be able to construct persuasive arguments
– Have the opportunity to be entrepreneurial
– Have the opportunity to develop leadership skills
– Be engaged with the real world of business on a day-to-day basis
– Develop the habit of independent learning
– Attain examination results that enable them to further their tertiary studies at their institution of choice
– Have a clear understanding of the careers that studying the subject of business will lead to

GCSE business studies SUMMARY




Unit 1
Setting up a business

External Examination


Unit 2

Growing as a business

External Examination


Unit 3:

Investigating businesses

Controlled Assessment


AS Level Business (for examination in 2016 and beyond)



Mode of Assessment



What is business?

2 external examination papers at the end of Year 13.

Each paper will be worth 50% of the AS mark. 


This mark will not count toward the final A-level grade.


Managers, leadership and decision making


Decision making to improve marketing performance


Decision making to improve operational performance


Decision making to improve financial performance


Decision making to improve human resource performance

A Level Business



Mode of Assessment



Analysing the strategic position of the business

3 external examination papers at the end of year 14.

Each paper will be worth 33.3% of the A2 mark.


Choosing strategic direction


Strategic methods: How to pursue strategies


Managing strategic change

Extra Curricular/Extended Learning Opportunities

The Business Department endeavours to give students as many opportunities to engage with the real world of business.  The following are cases in point: 

  1. Close association with Young Enterprise including the following programmes:
    1. Year 8: Your School Your Business
    2. Year 9: Exploring Enterprise
    3. Year 10: Project Business
    4. Year 11: Quick Start
    5. Year 13: Tenner Programme
  1. Year 11 students take part in the Build-a-Bank Challenge run by First Trust Bank and the annual Stock Market Challenge
  2. Year 13 and 14 students take part in the annual Student Investor Challenge
  3. Trips have included:
    1. Year 14 to Benburb Monastery
    2. Year 13 to Disneyland Paris
    3. Year 12 to Coca-cola
    4. Year 11 to Tayto factory
  4. Year 13 students form a Business Committee which has the responsibility of organising various events during the year including:
    1. Annual Inter-schools Business Quiz
    2. Masterclass Lecture series
    3. Investor Club

Career Opportunities

A course in Business Studies provides knowledge and develops skills that are useful and necessary in almost every career in both the Private and Public sectors.  In professional practice such as, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Practice, Law and Architecture a knowledge of business and management is now essential.

There are opportunities to study Business Studies at University, with other subjects.  For example: Languages, ICT, Management, Marketing, Accountancy and Law.